What – How?


Our 5.8 GHz video/audio microwave equipment uses an analog signal to deliver live video and audio from one location to another.  Since the video is analog, there is not any latency or delay between the transmitted and received picture.

Microwave signal loss becomes a problem is long lengths of cable are used between the transmitter, receiver and the dish antenna.  For this reason, our transmitter and receiver are mounted in weatherproof enclosures next to the dish antenna with a 36″ (91cm) low loss coax cable.  This ensures maximum signal and range.

Customer provided video, audio and power cables are then routed to the inside of the weatherproof enclosure.  With proper cables, distances of several hundred feet can be accomplished.  It is highly recommended that only copper braided coax cables be used for video and audio signals.  Use of aluminum shielded cables like that used for cable TV are strongly discouraged.



RCA 3 connectorsRCA connectors are used for video and 2 channels of audio.  Some versions may included a BNC connector for video.

Video is 1 volt p-p and audio is unbalanced line level just like a DVD player